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Physical Education


The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of an explosive weight-training program on the leg power of nonwrestlers and their performance times of three selected wrestling maneuvers. Twenty-four male freshman nonwrestlers enrolled in a basic physical education wrestling class participated in the study which lasted fourteen weeks. After being taught the long sit-out the takedown drop, and the stand-up wrestling maneuvers, the subjects were equated in an explosive weight-training group and a nonweight-training group on the basis of their explosive leg power test scores. For twenty sessions, the weight-training group participated in an explosive weight-training program involving heel-raise and modified-squat exercises in addition to the wrestling class activities. The explosive leg power, the long sit-out, the takedown drop, and the stand-up tests were administered to both groups before and after the explosive weight-training program. The investigator was concerned with the mean gain or loss in inches for the explosive leg power test and the mean gain or loss in hundredths of a second for the performance times of the three selected wrestling maneuvers. The results of the statistical analysis indicate that the use of an explosive weight-training program in addition to participating in a wrestling class was statistically significant beyond the .01 level of confidence in increasing the explosive leg power of nonwrestlers, as measured by an explosive leg power test. The three selected wrestling maneuvers showed no statistical significance, but the group involved in an explosive weight-training program showed greater gains in speed in the long sit-out and takedown drop maneuvers than did the nonweight-training group.

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South Dakota State University