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Physical Education


The purpose of this investigation was to determine the effects of a progressive weight training program for college freshman women, upon accuracy of shooting the one-hand set shot and the accuracy and speed of executing the chest pass in basketball. Strength of the upper arms and shoulder girdle was also investigated. Thirty-three students were selected randomly from volunteers of the freshman women enrolled in the freshman physical education program at South Dakota State University. Two groups were equated by a strength test designed by the writer, and randomly placed in an experimental or control group. The experimental group participated in a five-week progressive weight training program. The weight training program consisted of' two exercises on a commercial device. Each subject selected a resistance (weight) as their initial weight and the program consisted of 3 sets with a four-four-two repetition. Initial and final tests were administered to both groups to determine strength measurements, accuracy of the front shot, side shot, and accuracy and speed of the chest pass. From this study the following conclusions were drawn: 1. The weight training program as employed in this study appeared to be an effective method of increasing strength to the upper arms and the shoulder girdle. There was a significant gain in strength for the experimental group over the control group. 2. The gain in strength had no significant effect upon the accuracy of the one-hand set shot or the chest pass. 3. The gain in strength had no significant effect upon the total performance time of the chest pass. 4. The gain in strength had a significant effect upon the release time of the ball. 5. The gain in strength had no significant effect upon the true speed of the ball for the experimental group.

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