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In writing textbooks for “Fundamentals of Speech" courses ln colleges and universities, most authors recommend identifiable steps in speech preparation. The instructor of the basic speech course may wonder whether or not there is agreement among the authors. In guiding their students' preparation of speeches, he may also wonder whether or not speakers in actual practice do follow the recommended steps. Do authors agree on a theory of steps of speech preparation? Do speakers use a theory of steps o speech preparation in the practice of preparing speeches? In order to compare theory and practice, an attempt was made to determine, "How closely do the Roman Catholic Priests of the Diocese of Sioux Falls follow the steps of speech preparation recommended in ‘Fundamentals of Speech’ textbooks?" In attempting to answer the above question, answers to the following sub-questions were sought: A. Can a reasonably representative list of steps of speech preparation be formulated from various authorities in the field of public speaking? B. If so, that is this recommended list of steps? c. How closely do the Roman Catholic priests of the Sioux Falls Diocese follow this recommended sequence of steps in preparing their sermons?

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