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The first application of complex variables to elasticity dates with the beginning of this century. In 1902, L. N. G. Filon published a paper in which he developed the rudiments of the problem of plane theory of elasticity in complex variables. In 1909 G. V. Kolosov derived the equations of plane theory of elasticity in complex form and effected solutions to some boundary value problems. The major work relating complex variables and the theory of elasticity was given by N. R. Muskhelishvili whose published works began in 1919. Muskhelishvili’s [11] outstanding contribution is his brilliant monograph "Some Basic Problems in the Mathematical Theory of Elasticity'', published in 1933. This outstanding work as the catalyst necessary to initiate further research in the theory of elasticity and other related fields; however, it was not until 1953 that it was translated into English by J. R. M. Radok. In 1940, A. C. Stevenson independently developed that technique given by Muskhelishvili but his work was not published until 1945. (see more in text)

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