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Pharmaceutical Sciences


The duration and intensity of action of many drugs are largely determined by the speed at which they are metabolized in the body by enzymes in liver microsomes (1). Previous studies have shown that the activities of drug metabolizing enzymes in liver microsomes are markedly increased when animals are given various drugs, hormones, insecticides, and carcinogens. This increase in activity appears to represent an increased concentration of enzyme protein and is referred to as enzyme induction. Induction of liver microsomal enzymes leads to an accelerated biotransformation of drugs in vivo. This results in an· altered duration and intensity of drug action. It has been reported that steroid hormones and other body constituents are also substrates of drug metabolizing enzymes in liver microsomes. This indicates the administration of a hepatic microsomal enzyme inducer may stimulate the metabolism of natural body constituents. (See more in text)

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