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The amount of pre-college information that college dropouts received, as compared to college persisters, was the focal point of this study. This factor, along with certain external and internal forces, may determine the extent of college success. The objectives of this investigation have been to determine if there exists differences in the amount of pre-college information college dropouts received as compared to college persisters. Specifically, this investigation will seek answers to the following questions: 1. Is there a difference in the number of visits the dropout and the persister had with his high school counselor? 2. Is there a difference between the dropout and the persister in the type of information received from his counselor? 3. Taking each college influence independently, do differences exist between the responses of the persister and the responses of the dropout? 4. Is there a difference between the dropout and the persister in the type of counselor (full time or part time) that each had in his high school? 5. What are the major reasons given for withdrawing from school? 6. What are the present occupations of the dropouts? 7. How long had the dropouts intended to stay when first enrolled?

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South Dakota State University