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Gram positive, club shaped, pleomorphic bacilli with or without catalase activity are frequently isolated from abscessed clinical materials (Smith and Bodily, 1968). These organisms may be aerobic to microaerophilic to anaerobic (Wilson and Miles, 1964) and are usually regarded as Diphtheroids. Diphtheroids have been defined by Burdon (1958) as members of the genus Corynebacterium other than the diphtheria bacillus Burrows et al . (1963) state that diphtheroids are "microorganisms morphologically similar to and frequently indistinguishable from the diphtheria bacillus." Biever (1967) included as diphtheroid all of the organisms morphologically similar to the genus Actinomyces. Smith et al . (1964) stated that "it is impossible at present to do more than indicate that the diphtheroid bacilli are a large, heterogeneous group, held together by morphological and superficial culture similarities." There are a considerable number of bacteria which can eitherbe confused with or could be genera into which the anaerobic diphtheroids could be placed if positively identified. Members of the genera Actinomyces, Corynebacterium, and Ramibacterium resemble the anaerobic diphtheroids based on morphology and physiology (Holdeman et al., 1967; Roberts, 1968; Smith and Bodily, 1968). (See more in text)

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