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Physical Education


The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of two varying training programs, weight training and Exer-Genie training. Upon the leg strength and explosive power of high school basketball players. The training programs were carried on during the competitive basketball season. The twenty-two members of the De Smet High School basketball squad for the year 1967-1968 were selected for this study. The subjects were divided into two equated groups, according to results in the Sargent Jump Test. Groups were randomly designated. Group A participated in a 12 week weight-training program, consisting of three circuits of two exercises, three times per week. Group B trained with the Exer-Genie in a similar manner for 12 weeks. All subjects were tested before the training, every three weeks during the training, and one and two weeks after the conclusion of the training period. Leg strength and explosive power were tested. The data collected during ·the testing were recorded and analyzed to determine what effect the two training programs had upon leg strength and explosive power. A comparison was made between the two training groups; from this comparison no statistical significance was found between groups. But, there was a statistically .significant increase in both leg strength and explosive power within each group. The results of this study indicated that either weight training or Exer-Genie training could significantly increase leg strength and explosive power during the competitive basketball season.

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