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This study was conducted to determine the activities of the vocational agriculture students since they received the American Farmer Degree. Are former American Farmers exhibiting leadership in their communities? Have they made progress in their occupational fields? What are their occupations? Which FFA activities are the most useful and most valuable? The purpose of this study is to answer these and similar questions. The names and local chapters of the 50 South Dakota FFA members who received American Farmer Degrees from 1951 through 1967 were secured from the State Adviser by means of a letter (Appendix A). Letters {Appendix B) were sent to the vocational agriculture instructors at the schools attended by the recipients to obtain their current addresses. A questionnaire was developed and presented to 13 vocational agriculture instructors for validation. The questionnaire (Appendix C) was mailed to each of the 50 recipients in July, 1968. The first mailing resulted in a return of 28 completed questionnaires. A follow-up (/Appendix D) on the questionnaire was made four weeks later. This brought the total number of respondents up to 42. A second follow-up (Appendix E) was made three weeks later. A total of 47 American Fanners responded. All data from these 47 American Farmers were tabulated for inclusion in this study.

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