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In recent years television has become a topic for intensive study at American universities. This is shown by the multiplicity of studies reported in the annual research lists in Speech Monographs. Consistent with this research emphasis in television, several reasons influenced the undertaking of this current study. One reason was a personal interest in the field of television. The writer has been involved in broadcasting since he was in high school, and plans to make his career in television. Another reason for the selection of this topic was that this type of study had never been attempted in South Dakota. Thus, it was felt to be of importance that the beginnings and development of stations like KELO-TV be recorded while current informational sources were still available. This type of study has been done before, both at the master's and Ph. D. levels, in other sections of the country, which tends to demonstrate the merit of such a study in South Dakota. A third reason for this study was that it could be of benefit to small or future stations in that the growth of a station from small beginnings to considerable size is described in-detail. Some of the common problems encountered in the process of development of new television stations are also set forth in this paper. The purpose of this study is to provide a history of the development of KELO-LAND television, from its beginnings to the present time (1969). For the purpose of this thesis, KELO-LAND television is defined as including only KELO-TV, Sioux Falls, South Dakota; KDLO-TV, Garden City, South Dakota; and KELO-TV, Medicine Butte, South Dakota. The study includes the origins of the stations, the early operations, and the development of each station.

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