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The utilization of our rivers by population and industrial activities has increased dramatically in recent years. Since the number of rivers available has remained constant, a need has been created to optimize the utilization. In order to optimize, the effects on the physical properties of the river caused by changes in utilization must be determined. Quantity, the amount of water flowing in the river, along with quality, the value of the water for further utilization, are physical properties of the river. Variations in these two properties measure the effects caused by changes in the utilization. The utilization within a basin can be related to the physical properties of the river through a mathematical model. Modeling a basin provides a means for extrapolating of current physical and economic condition of predict the effects of changes in utilization on the physical properties of the river. A river basin is complex. For it to be modeled, a set of factors must be determined which describe the physical properties of the river and the economic utilization of the river within the basin. If the model is to be simple enough to be practical, the set of descriptive factors used will not be complete but will represent the dominant physical properties and economic utilizations.

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