Arden B. Sigl

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Master of Science (MS)

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Civil Engineering


Since World War II the continual buildup and spread of nuclear arms has produced a pressure situation between nations. As more and more nations become nuclear powers and continue to expand their arsenals, the chance of a nuclear attack, either by accident or by specific intent, increases. If a full-scale nuclear attack should develop, the only chance of survival would rest -with a fully prepared population. Even with a fully prepared population many would not survive. The National Fallout Shelter Program is helpful in preventing casualties in the event of a nuclear attack. Studies show, however, that such casualties would be very high. The reason for this conclusion is that it is economically unfeasible to protect all of the people from the immediate effects of a nuclear explosion consisting of initial radiation, thermal radiation, and blast. A significant number of people could survive if they were provided protection from radioactive fallout. A complete fallout shelter program would accomplish this.

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