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The functions of the guidance program in today's schools usually consist of five main services. They are: inventory, information, counseling, placement, and follow-up. This paper will center about the last of these services, namely, follow-up. The follow-up service is to education what the customer relations department is to merchandising by means of a continuing follow-up of former students, the educator learns of their .failures, problems, successes, and--most important--obtains their suggestions for improvement. The purpose of this investigation was to conduct a follow-up study of the 1962-66 graduates of Augustana Academy, Canton, South Dakota. Information concerning their evaluations of their former school, their opinions of it, and their_ present status were sought in this survey. At the present time, Augustana Academy is undergoing a retooling operation. With this in mind, it is necessary to evaluate the present curriculum and guidance services. The main purpose of this study was to aid in these revisions.

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Augustana Academy (Canton, S.D.)
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