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Physical Education


The purpose of this study was to compare the effects of selected drills upon the improvement of agility as measured by the McCauliff-Agility Components Test. Forty-nine male volunteer freshman students selected from five basic physical education classes at South Dakota State University were placed into five groups for this study. Four of the groups were randomly assigned experimental treatments consisting of recommended agility drills, while the fifth group was randomly selected to serve as the control group for the study, which required no experimental treatment. Subjects of the four groups that were administered experimental treatments participated in a seven-week training program during which they met three per week for five minute treatments. Drill designations for the treatments were as follows: Group A, upright and four-point wave drill; Group B, carioca, running hand-touch and forward-backward sprint; Group C, bench jump, rope skip and quarter-eagle pivot; Group D, combination of all drills assigned to A, B and C; and Group E, which served as the control group. The McCauliff Agility Components Test was administered on three predesignated occasions during the period of the study. Test I was administered prior to the onset of experimental treatments; Test II was administered following four weeks of treatment; and Test Ill was administered following seven weeks of treatment Statistical analysis of the groups' mean changes between the .tests indicated that the drill sequences administered to Groups B, D and C significantly improved agility as compared to the control group (E). It was noted that Group B improved its agility at a greater rate and to a greater extent than the remaining four groups, while Group A failed to improve significantly over the control group.

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