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In December, 1963, a study of Interstate System highway accidents was published. The published study presented an analysis of accident data compiled in sixteen states. Data were collected from Interstate System highways and nearby existing highways before and after the completion of the Interstate System highways. The study reported that thirty-five percent of all collisions on the Interstate System highways were of the ear-end or same direction sideswipe type. For the existing highways, the percentages were thirty-nine and forty-one before the Interstate System highway completion and after the Interstate System highway completion, respectively. It was found that rear-end or same direction sideswipe collisions occurred more frequently than any other type of collision on the existing highways, and that this type of collision occurred nearly as frequently as collisions with fixed objects on the Interstate System highways. Collisions with fixed objects accounted for thirty-six percent of all Interstate System highway accidents. In view of the high percentage of rear-end or same direction sideswipe collisions occurring on all types of highways across the nation, one can clearly understand the need for research in the area of automobile safety. Not surprisingly, communications systems which would help eliminate the rear-end collisions have been investigated.

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