Childhood Bullying Impact on the Social Determinants of Adults' Health in Saudi Arabia

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Sociology and Rural Studies

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Jason Zimmerman


This project relates to the latent function of childhood bullying on the social determinants of adults’ health in Saudi Arabia. The past experience of childhood bullying has pervasive and deleterious effects on the individual’s perception towards their societies, in particular, the psychosocial status of adults who were bullied during the first socialization process with peers in school contexts. It has begun to be understood as a public health issue; therefore, it is necessary to formulate a strategy to address not only bullying in schools, but also to address all forms of extremism and radical behaviors that are against peace and tolerance in societies where it departs from educational settings, causing the government of the Kingdom to prioritize addressing bullying culture among Saudi youth as a main agenda of 2030 vision. The purpose of this study is to address the void in current research regarding the function of bullying on health in terms of the social integration of individuals who shared the same experience. The impact of experience is significant as a social stressor in terms of increasing socioemotional and antisocial problems in Saudi society. Thus, Stress in the Life Course paradigm by Elder, Jr. (1996), including General Strain Theory by Broidy and Agnew (1997) were employed to capture the complex and interrelatedness of contributing factors; specifically, age differentiation, lack of social embeddedness, and gender roles, as they interact to create poor lifestyle behaviors for social actors.

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Bullying in schools -- Health aspects -- Saudi Arabia.
Bullying in schools -- Saudi Arabia -- Psychological aspects.
Bullying in schools -- Social aspects -- Saudi Arabia.
Victims of bullying -- Saudi Arabia -- Psychology.



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