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Thesis - Open Access

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Master of Science (MS)

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Animal Science

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Michael G. Gonda

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Keith Underwood


5-hmC, DNA Methylation, Gene Expression, Hypothalamus, Ruminant Nutrition


Feedlot finishing diets contain high energy to allow for rapid growth and fat deposition. Previous studies have shown the use of high concentrate diets changed DNA methylation and expression of genes in the hypothalamus involved with regulating feed intake, metabolism, signaling, and neuronal communication. This study investigates whether feeding a high concentrate diet to calf-feds enter the feedlot could alter DNA methylation in the hypothalamus affecting expression of growth and development genes. Angus-influenced steers (n=12) were randomly allocated to 2 treatment groups: 1) High Energy/High Concentrate (HE/HC, 1.33Mcal/kg net energy gain NEg) for 202 days; or 2) traditional Backgrounding/Finishing (B/F), fed to provide 1.10Mcal/kg NEg for the first 84 days then 1.43Mcal/kg NE gain for the remaining 118 days. Growth from day 28 to 105 (P0.10) and WBSF (P>0.37) were detected. There were 335 loci differentially expressed (P

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Calves -- Feeding and feeds.
Gene expression.
DNA -- Methylation.



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