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Baseball, as a sport at South Dakota State University, has had a long and colorful history. From the day the first baseball game was played by the University team in 1885 to the present, South

Dakota State University has made a constant effort toward improving baseball through better staffing, selective scheduling, and a limited recruiting program. The present study describes how baseball grew and developed and also reports interesting highlights that occurred during the period of 1885-1970. The data collected in this study could be of interest and value to individuals in the Health, Physical Education, and Recreation Department, Athletic Committee, alumni, and all people interested in the intercollegiate athletic program at South Dakota

State University. The results could serve as a ready reference for those interested in the past and present history of baseball without extensive reading or searching. Such research of the past could be of value for public relations and of interest to the news media. The study was of interest to the writer because of his interest in baseball as a sport and his participation in baseball at South Dakota State University. The purpose of this study was to present a historical account of intercollegiate baseball at South Dakota State University showing the growth and development from 1885-1970.

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