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Plant Science


Various types of phosphorus fertilizers are being commercially produced and used. Due to the different properties of these phosphate materials, their ability to supply phosphorus may differ among South Dakota soil environments. To provide data for phosphate users it is necessary to evaluate- materials under varying soil and climatic conditions. Soil reaction is commonly used to differentiate conditions within the soil that are important to phosphorus utilization or fixation. Generally, where fixation is high the possibility of utilization of the added phosphorus is low. Acid soils are considered as having a high phosphorus fixing capacity. Alkaline soils are medium while neutral soils are considered low in their fixing capacity. Solubility, chemical forms, physical state, pH of the saturated solution, and other properties may vary among and possibly within materials used. It is these differences that cause fertilizers to give different responses. These responses may be small thus yield of grain or forage may be increased by only a small amount. Economically this may be significant to an individual farmer or farmers in certain areas. When differences due to sources are found, it is desirable to know why these differences exist so sound advice on phosphorus fertilizer carriers can be given to farmers. The availability of phosphorus to plants has been correlated with various methods of phosphorus extraction. Since these extraction methods do cast light on the supplemental phosphorus needs of plants growing on the soil, they may then be used to evaluate different sources of supplemental phosphorus. The purpose of this study was to compare, in southwestern South Dakota soils, several phosphate carriers. Comparisons were made in yield of wheat grain, concentration of phosphorus in leaves, and in the effects on various methods used for determining the supplemental phosphorus needs of the plants growing on the soil.

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Phosphatic fertilizers -- South Dakota
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