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Civil Engineering


The general objective of this study was to determine the vulnerability to the effects of nuclear detonation of two selected representative water treatment utilities in order to assess the overall preparedness of South Dakota Water utilities. Some specific questions of the investigation were these:
1) Is adequate protection from radioactivity available in the area of the treatment plant for the operators to function safely during a fallout period? Could the operators continue to operate the plant?
2) Will the source of water yield uncontaminated water during a fallout period?
A. Can an adequate source of water be derived from a groundwater aquifer or will an additional surface water be required?
B. Would the treatment process as available be detrimental or beneficial in the supply of water with acceptable radiation content?
3) Is the system of distribution reliable under assumed fallout conditions?
4) Is an adequate back-up power supply available to operate both the distribution system and the treatment plant under an assumed power failure following a nuclear attack?

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Radioactive pollution of water -- South Dakota
Water treatment plants -- South Dakota
Radioactive fallout -- South Dakota



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