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Although the editor of a weekly newspaper can use the size of his subscription list and the letters to the editor to determine how area residents feel about his newspaper, the amount of information acquired and the accuracy of such information are limited. Another determinant which the editor could use is feedback the employees of the newspaper receive from the subscribers and the other residents of the community. It was through this feedback that some dissatisfaction with the Clark County Courier was noticed. The author of this paper began working for The Clark County Courier as advertising manager in June, 1970. The previous advertising manager stated that certain people in the surrounding communities believed that The Clark County Courier was not doing a very good job as a weekly county newspaper. As one of the newspaper's representatives to the surrounding communities, the author noticed that many residents in these communities did seem dissatisfied with the newspaper’s performance concerning their area. Most complaints dealt with the adequacy and accuracy of news coverage of the several communities and with the newspaper’s representatives concerning political parties. Advertisers also complained about mistakes in their advertisements. (See more in text)

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