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At the present time Olson's hypothesis appears logical. If the hypothesis is correct, the results of this research should provide experimental verification of his proposal. Consequently, using the presented facts as an outline, research was carried out at South Dakota State University, sponsored by the National Science Foundation, to carefully examine irregularly shaped compaction curves. The objective of the investigation was three-fold: (1) to examine the influence of negative pore pressure on the irregularly shaped compaction curve by pore pressure measurements; and (2) to correlate pore pressure measurements with experiments using a surface tension reducing agent together with water; and (3) to examine the characteristics of soils upon which negative pore pressure has an influence. The results of this study should explain the effects of negative pore water pressure on the irregularly shaped compaction curve. This should be confirmed by both pore pressure measurements and surface tension experiments. This information could then be used to extend the compaction curve theories to cover irregularly shaped compaction curves.

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