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There are a great many problems in education today. One of them is the growing reluctance of the public to support the high cost of education. Communications and public relations are considered to be helpful tools in explaining school needs and policy to the public. But are the schools in South Dakota making a rational use of these tools? To do so, a public relations-community relations communication policy ls needed. This thesis will evaluate the public relations policy of South Dakota schools--the policy of communicating with the public. It will focus on the school district policy. Included in the discussion will be such topics as school evaluation of the press interpretation of school activities, school-media contacts, and the school administrator's view of public interest in the schools. State-level education information policies in neighboring states will be compared with South Dakota's policy. The thesis will attempt to analyze the public information attitudes, policies, and practices of the South Dakota school district administrators. We will attempt to determine how they provide public information, how they control it, and the nature of some of the public information problems facing their districts. Finally, the findings will be analyzed to determine if the geographic location or the size of a district (as measured by the pupil population) influences these factors.

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