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Thesis - Open Access

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Master of Science (MS)

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Civil Engineering


The general objective of this research was to define the problems and to offer possible solutions associated with the development of a ground water management plan for the Upper Big Sioux River Basin. The investigation was primarily an evaluation of existing literature and data. The available information was collected and evaluated for the specific objectives: 1. Determination of the type of information that would be required for the development of an acceptable plan for ground water management in the basin. 2. Determination of the beneficial or adverse effects that may occur in the river basin as a result of raising the groundwater table by the use of streambed dams. A preliminary judgment of the need for and the feasibility of this type of a plan was also made. No actual data were taken nor field measurements made. The collection of such information would be accomplished during future investigations if this analysis indicated that continued study was desirable or feasible.

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Groundwater -- South Dakota -- Upper Big Sioux River Basin.
Groundwater -- Iowa -- Upper Big Sioux River Basin.
Groundwater -- Minnesota -- Upper Big Sioux River Basin.



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