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This study was undertaken to compile information about Fred Hayden Carruth during the period of his life-time, 1862-1932, his activity as author and journalist forming the guidelines. Carruth's success as a western humorist and local journalist on two Dakota Territory weeklies, the Estelline Bell and the Dakota Bell, was probably the factor which helped him obtain a position as a humorous editorial witer with the New York Tribune, foremost paper in the country in 1888. He went on his own in 1892 and after free-lancing his way onto the pages of more than nineteen popular periodicals, Carruth began a thirty-four year career with the Woman's Home Companion (1905-1932). In 1915 he established the "Postscript" page, the Companion feature which formed the focal point of his later fame. Carruth authored four books for boys: The Adventures of Jones (1895), The Voyage of the Rattletrap (1897), Mr. Milo Busch and Other Worthies (1899), and Track's End (1911). “South Dakota: State Without End, " an essay which appears in E. H. Gruening's These United States, is his best known short article. The absurd exaggeration of the tall tale combined with droll western wit to recapture the lighter aspects of frontier life earmark Carruth’s writing.

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