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Journalism and Mass Communications


I believe that the Graphic Arts industry will in the future face a severe manpower shortage if it fails to attract new blood, young men and women, into the field. This possible manpower shortage led me to study the reasons why people entered the Graphic Arts industry. People seem to reject the Graphic Arts industry as an occupational choice for several reasons which encouraged me to undertake this study. One of these reasons, the fact that people did not know of the opportunities in the field, was my primary reason. A second possible reason was that these people very seldom had any general information about the field and knew nothing about this area of employment. Thirdly, I feel that most people have had very little, if any, contact with the Graphic Arts industry. In my opinion more occupational information about the Graphic Arts industry is needed to influence people to make this field their occupational choice. This belief is based upon the assumption that occupational choice is influenced by occupational information, which I will try to illustrate in this study. Another source of influence on occupational choice is a person's environment. The environmental factor which I believe to be most influential on occupational choice is a person's personal relationships. These personal relations include parents, other relatives, friends and teachers. Of these personal relationships, I feel that the closer the relationship, the stronger the influence it may have on the person. This belief led me to the opinion that parents do have a significant influence on their children's occupational choice.

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