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Master of Science (MS)

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Civil Engineering


The general objective of this investigation was to explore the pollutional characteristics of runoff from an agricultural drainage basin located in eastern South Dakota. The specific objectives of the investigation were: 1. To determine the quality of runoff from an agricultural drainage basin located near Brookings, South Dakota. 2. To investigate the frequency of runoff from the drainage basin throughout a full runoff season; that is, from the beginning of snowmelt runoff in the spring until the end of the rainfall season in late fall. 3. To determine the pollutional characteristics attributable to the suspended matter present in the runoff in order to assess the effectiveness of settling as a means of waste reduction in runoff from agricultural lands.

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Runoff -- South Dakota
Runoff -- Periodicity
Water -- Pollution -- South Dakota
Agricultural pollution -- South Dakota
Agricultural wastes -- Environmental aspects -- South Dakota



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