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This thesis will attempt to gather alumni information not now available but needed for the following reasons: 1. Obtain an evaluation of the university’s programs from those who have availed themselves of those programs; 2. Gather demographic information on alumni which until now has not been available; 3. Gather information on what types of employment into which graduates enter; 4. Obtain financial data on alumni to better carry out the university’s efforts in fund raising and public relations; 5. Obtain information on the attitudes of the graduates and on their opinions of the state of South Dakota, which is presently being sought by administrators and public officials of South Dakota; 6. Determine as best as possible the graduate’s contributions to society; 7. Obtain information which can be used to assist the university in planning future courses of action; 8. Establish a beginning for an ongoing study of alumni. This study is not an end in itself. Aside from its immediate value, it is hped that it will stimulate future similar studies and result in comparisons. A study of this type should give a picture of the activities, professional and otherwise, in which graduates are engaged. It is actually on frame, or still picture, in a rapidly moving drama of everyday life of an important segment of people related to the university. To study, in a sense, stops the camera for a split second to assess the life happening of a group of people sharing one common bond.

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