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Since Campbell and Foster first used scattering parameters in studying the properties of ideal transformer networks, much work has been done with scattering parameters in the analysis of microwave circuits and general lumped parameter networks. An excellent summary for micro wave circuits appears in Montgomery Dicke, and Purcell. Application of scattering parameters to network synthesis was attempted by Oono and Yasuura. Youla also extended scattering parameter theory by complex normalization. He and Penfield5 later applied scattering parameters in analyzing negative resistance amplifiers in ·conjunction with the development of the tunnel diode. The rapid development of high-frequency technologies in the past decade requires improved high-frequency measurement techniques because of the difficulty in measuring commonly-accepted immittance parameters at frequencies above 100 MHz. This difficulty stemmed from the fact that in measuring the h-, y-, or z-parameters the circuit is either in a short or open condition. The scattering parameter measurement technique is one way of overcoming this problem since the measurement circuit employs finite terminations and therefore provides more stable wide-band measurements. Along with the introduction of the scattering parameter measurement technique in high-frequency transistor measurements, attempts were made to characterize the transistors with directly measurable scattering parameters. Lange, Weinert, Anderson, Froehner, and Bodway are among those engineers who introduced the use of scattering parameters in transistor circuit design. An excellent analysis of transistor circuit design with generalized 2-port scattering parameters is given by Bodway. At the present time, the scattering parameter technique is one of the standard methods used for high-frequency transistor characterization and design.

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