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Electrical Engineering


The transmission of information is in many cases vital to modern research. An example is the transmission of information which concerns the physiological phenomena taking place inside the body of an unrestrained animal. The transmission of the information has to be accomplished with a minimum amount of-discomfort to the animal. A physical connection to the sensor would cause much discomfort to the animal and would not indicate a normal situation. Therefore, in recent years the information gained from a sensor (inside of an animal's body) has been used as the intelligence to modulate a small telemetry unit. This information is transmitted to a receiving station outside of the animal. The mode of transmission and the type of sensor have varied.The purpose of this thesis will be to develop a low current FM/AM system to be used as an implanted biotelemetry unit. The circuit will be designed in Chapter II and then an equivalent model will be developed in Chapter III. Chapter IV will be devoted to experimental work and discussion of the results.

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