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Master of Science (MS)


Health and Nutritional Sciences


Physical inactivity, due to automation and our busy mode of living, has contributed to a health problem in modern society. When obesity, high-fat diets, cigarette smoking, and stress are added, the end-product is an alarming increase in incidence of diseases of the heart and lungs. Admittedly, such diseases are multifactorial in cause, but inactivity appears to assume an increasingly important role. Exercise in relation to preventative and rehabilitative medicine, however, is a new and rapid changing field of research. Consequently, the knowledge concerning physical conditioning and training programs is limited and inadequate. Therefore, educators in health and physical education are expected to apply modern specific techniques and provide the much needed data. The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of various training intensities and durations on blood cholesterol percentage body fat and body weight. (A concurrent study was conducted where the parameters of maximal oxygen uptake, maximal oxygen pulse, maximal pulmonary ventilation, maximal heart rate, ventilation equivalence for oxygen, and forced expiratory volume in one second were studied.)

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