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Training to improve athletic performance is as old as the history of man. The ancient Persians began training their boys at the age of six, toughening them psychologically as well as physically by arduous activity under difficult and uncomfortable conditions. The ancient Greeks were fond of the training technique of running in sand with weights around the wrists and ankles. Some of these training techniques were remarkably scientific while others were based on tradition, ritual, or myth. From this colorful past have evolved our present day training programs which are based upon research results and tradition. With our present day football at such a high level of competitiveness, an off-season training program is certainly necessary. In this age of mechanization, many of the young men who desire to play and do play football lack the strength and endurance to compete safely and effectively. Statistics show an increase in the number of football injuries in the past few years, with almost fifty percent of those injuries occurring in the first three weeks of practice. The off-season football training program is of considerable value to the individual player who has the desire, determination and time to develop his potential to the fullest. Besides being an aid to the football player, such a program is of definite value to the coach who desires to prevent injuries and to develop a better team. Numerous studies have been completed to examine the effects of selected weight training programs upon various aspects of conditioning. However, it has been only recently that an attempt has been made to design an off season training program specifically for football. The present study was undertaken with the intent of providing football players and coaches with objective and practical knowledge about off-season football training programs.

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