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The purpose of this thesis has been to examine the various images of the Negro which Warren reveals in his writings and to analyze Warren's own attitude toward the Negro as expressed in those writings. Upon examining all ;of Warren's writings having to do with the Negro, one is left with three main pictures: first, the Negro as seen by the Southern white, second, the Negro as seen by the Northern white, and third, the Negro as seen by Warren himself. These pictures all contribute to reveal Warren's own attitude toward the Negro. Warren leads one to believe that the Negro is basically better understood and accepted by the white Southerner. The Northerner is more interested in exploiting the Negro than in accepting him as an equal citizen. The Negro is better adjusted to life in the South, and although he does not always receive justice, he is often able to rise above the inequalities. In his picture of the Southern white and his picture of the Northern white, as well as his view of the Negro, Warren seems to reveal a steadfast loyalty to a traditional Southern viewpoint. He has tried to acquire some more liberal positions in his attitude toward the Negro and his acceptance of the racial problem as an American problem, but he really has been unable to release the hold of his Southern point of view.

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Warren, Robert Pen, 1905-1989 -- Criticism and interpretation

African Americans in literature

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