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Master of Science (MS)


Electrical Engineering


In this paper, the change in loop resistance is examined when the loop is placed at the center of a spherical air cavity which is in turn surrounded by a sphere of physiological saline solution, as shown. The functional dependence of the magnitude of the dissipation resistance on the cavity radius will be studied. The validity of introducing a dissipation resistance will be experimentally tested by immersing a loop in a physiological saline solution and directly measuring the change in resistance with an r.f. bridge. Once the increase in resistance is established, the resultant reduction in radiated power will be mathematically calculated and compared with the reduction in radiated power caused by radiated power absorption, in an effort to determine which effect predominates. The analysis will begin with the derivation of the electro-magnetic fields in the space around the loop in air and in a lossy medium. An analysis of the fields in the cavity and in the saline solution will be made with the goal of obtaining a good approximation for the fields in the solution, from which the Joule heat liberated in the solution can be found and the dissipation resistance determined.

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