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Plant hybridizers in the past century depended primarily upon the crossing of cultivars with superior agronomic and quality characteristics as a method of improving yield potential of hybrids and derived pure lines. The hybridizer is continually faced with · the challenge of finding genetic sources of resistance to diseases which cause reduction in yie1d and often lower grain qua1ity. Often there is no known superior source of resistance within the species. This has motivated a search of species related to common oats, Avena sativa L., as sources for developing resistance in cultivated varieties. Concern is intensifying over the rapidly expanding world population and mankind's ability to cope with the ever-increasing need for more food. One proposed method of alleviating the food problem is to improve the nutritional quality of seed of economically important plants by increasing protein content. Oats is one of the more widely grown cereal crops in the temperate climates of the world. It is used primarily in feeds and in breakfast cereals. Little research has been reported on attempts to determine the relationships among factors involved in the improvement of its quality. The purpose of this experiment was to determine: ( 1) whether a relationship existed between ·protein content and the selected phenotypic characters that differentiated the parents; (2) the extent of the relationship between protein content and the characters studied; and (3) the feasibility of using parents from related species to improve our present cultivars.

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