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American agriculure has advanced considerably in recent years. These unprecedented advances result primarily from recent developments which have occurred in agriculture science and technology. Recent trends have been toward the feeding of more animals on fewer feedlots. The concentrating of large numbers of animals has undoubtedly increased the efficiency of animal producion in certain parts of the country. But the confinement of large numbers of animals has undoubtedly increased the efficiency of animal production in certain parts of the country. Because waste management has become a major operational problem, improved methods of handling, treatment, and disposal of animal wastes must be developed. The need for runoff control facilities at animal feeding operations has just been recognized in the past few years. As a result, regulations to reduce pollution from feedlot sources are being formulated. South Dakota and several additional states are in the process of drawing up simmilar regulations. The general objective of this investigation was ato explore the pollutional characteristics of runoff from two feedlots in eastern South Dakota. The specific objectives of the investigation were: 1) To determine the quantity and quality of feedlot runoff from Animal Nutrition unit and the Dairy Research and Production unit at South Dakota State University. 2) To investigate the spring feedlot runoff resulting from snowmelt as well as the runoff produced by spring rainfall. 3) To determine the pollutional characteristics attributable to the suspended matter in the feedlot runoff in order to assess the effectiveness of settling in reducing the waste concentrations in feedlot runoff.

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