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Animal Science


With the current trends in horse popularity, the demand for horses as performance and pleasure animals has increased. As this demand has increased, many horses have been retained solely for their ability as working animals. Therefore, many mares have not been bred since pregnancy would hinder their usefulness. If the horse owner is to breed his mare and also use her as a performance animal, he must initially contend with the pregnant mare and after parturition with the often annoying foal. For the mare to produce a foal and also be used as an effective performance animal, the foal should be weaned from the mare and cared for separately. To the animal scientist, this problem can best be met by the development of a simple and reliable method of weaning the foal early. By weaning the foal at an early age and placing it on dry feed, the mare would be available for normal use without the temporary absences of its foal. Therefore, the purpose of this experiment was to study the feasibility of weaning foals at about 30 days of age.

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