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Sociology and Rural Studies


The female offender as an object for sociological study is of interest for several reasons. Among them are, first, the fact that little empirical evidence has been gathered about female offenders: second, the possible impact such knowledge may have on criminological theory building: and third, the necessity of having such knowledge for predictive, control, and rehabilitative functions. The lack of information and research has been noted by many researchers. This thesis is a part of a collateral effort of the Division of Research, Department of Institutions, in Washington State, which is in the process of gathering data on convicted female felons for use by state officials in their administrative decision-making processes in regard to the construction of the first complete adult female correctional institution in the state. This effort includes a review of the records of those females who have served in terms in Washington State over the past several years and of data from such other sources as are available. The purpose of this review is to provide sufficient information for the development of institutional design and for the construction of prediction devices for probation and parole. Further, the data will be used to establish criteria for the evaluation of the new facility when it is in operation.

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