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Physical Education


Wrestling coaches and participants are in agreement that good physical conditioning is a prerequisite for success in the sport of wrestling. Each wrestler must work many long hours, during the season, to reach the high level of physical efficiency demand by state tournament competition. There is a tendency on the part of most wrestlers, upon completion of the state tournament competition, not to engage in spring sports. Therefore, the training to maintain the high level of physical efficiency abruptly causes and onset of deconditioning follows. Since many wrestlers do not compete in spring sports, and since their physical condition deteriorates when training stops, the investigator was interested in quantifying the changes that take place in selected fitness parameters following the competitive wrestling season. The purpose of this study was to assess the changes in the physical status of high school wrestlers following the competitive wrestling season. Data was collected on: (1) cardiovascular efficiency; (2) strength; (3) explosive power; (4) percent body fat; (5) weight just prior to the end of the wrestling season, five weeks after the end of the wrestling season, and ten weeks after the wrestling season.

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