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The role of the college athlete has changed considerably over the past ten to fifteen years in that today an individual usually specializes in one sport rather than taking part in two or even three sports during one academic year. Such specialization has improved the quality o£ each sport since competitors engage in off-season training during the school year as well as conditioning programs in the summertime to increase their performing efficiency. Cross-country and the middle distance and distance events of track are three such activities which have full year competitive seasons and which demand the year-round training program. The cross-country

season is held in the fall; the indoor track seas􁎪n takes place during the winter months; the outdoor track season is held in the spring; and numerous running events take place during the summer months. The purpose of this study was to investigate the physiological changes in varsity cross-country and track runners as affected by continuous year-round training and competition. There are no significant trends in any of the selected physiological variables within either the cross-country and track group or the control group over the one-year testing period. 1. The subjects for the control group were eight volunteers from basic physical education classes at South Dakota State University. 2. The experimental subjects in the study were eight varsity cross-country runners from South Dakota State University. 3. Data were collected on maximal oxygen uptake, oxygen pulse, maximal pulmonary ventilation, ventilation equivalence for oxygen, maximal heart rate, and weight. 4. Five tests were given at approximately nine-week intervals. The first test was administered prior to the start of cross-country season in the fall, with the final test being administered at the completion of the track season in the spring.

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