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With atherosclerosis posing such a widespread problem in the world today, there is justification for the vast amount of research completed in an attempt to find solutions to this problem. The risk factors relating to the etiology of atherosclerosis which have been identified include age, sex, race, serum lipids, hypertension, diabetes, inactivity, obesity, and cigarette smoking.1 Although no tall of these factors have been researched extensively, it has been shown that an increase in the concentration of circulating low-density lipoproteins is a critical factor in the cause of atherosclerosis. 2 Extensive study has shown that restriction of the diet, the use of drug therapy, and regular exercise are all effective in the reduction of serum lipid levels.3 Bender states, however, that there is a lack of substantial evidence showing that the lowering of serum lipids will result in a subsequent reduction of the lipid buildup on the vessel walls.4 Research studies which have been completed to determine the relationship between a lowering of serum lipid levels and the reversal of atherosclerotic pla4ues have produced conflicting results.5 Therefore, more research is needed in this area in order to determine the relationship between the lowering of serum lipid levels and. an actual reduction of the lipid buildup on the vessel walls .6 The present study, using rabbits, was directed toward that end, because, as Constantinides states, the atherosclerosis produced in rabbits is similar to that in humans. This study had two purposes. The first purpose was to develop an atherosclerotic condition in the rabbits by the administration- of a 2 percent cholesterol diet. The second purpose was to compare the effects of returning to a normal diet, the effects of returning to a normal diet concurrent with sodium dextrothyroxine therapy, and the effects of remaining on a cholesterol diet on selected parameters relating either directly or indirectly to atherosclerosis.

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