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University and college physical education directors, supervisors and public school department heads have the major task of preparing the new physical education teacher to face the realities of their chosen profession. As competency requirements for all teachers are becoming more evident every year, there is now an ·urgent need to look at the professional preparation programs in physical education in our colleges and universities. "Education plays an important part in any democratic society, and physical education must accept its role as a vital phase of education. In order to accomplish such a task, a sound and complete teacher preparation program is essential. An effective method to determine what is missing or what should be added or deleted from teacher preparation programs is to contact former graduates of such programs. As a result of experience and of having faced reality, their ideas and suggestions could aid in updating the programs so that schools may better prepare and thus place more competent physical education graduates in the teaching profession. The most effective way of evaluating the quality of an institution' s educational program is to conduct a follow-up of its former students. Data obtained from the follow-up study may be used as a basis for curriculum planning, development of needed school services, and as a basis for in-service training of staff members in meeting the needs of youth. As a graduate of Western State College, Gunnison, Colorado, it was of interest to the writer to conduct a study surveying the status of those graduates who had majored in physical education at that institution. The data should be of value to the Department of Physical Education in determining problem areas of curriculum development, professional preparation, and guidance and also to the graduates at W.S.C. The purpose of this study was to obtain opinions about the physical education professional preparation program at Western State College and to determine the status, past and present, of the graduates in physical education at that institution. 1. Only male and female physical education majors who graduated from Western State College from 1962 to 1972, inclusively, were surveyed. 2. This study was limited to graduates whose addresses were available through the physical education department, placement office, alumni office, and the registrar's office at Western State College. 3. This study included only physical education majors and did not include those with minors in the field or those with recreation majors.

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