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Textiles and Clothing


Recently there has been a movement toward what Has been termed “corporate itentity”. One means of achieving this identity is by attiring the employee in a uniform mode of dress. Then uniform then becomes a means of identifying an employee with a specific occupation or business enterprise. Research, which has been conducted concerning professional uniforms, has placed little emphasis on determining how the employee themselves felt about wearing a uniform. It has been stated that uniforms are an asset to the business organization itself, but the merits of wearing a uniform must also be evaluated in terms of the employee as an individual. It has not been determined whether wearinf a uniform has benefits for the employee or if it has a negative influence on their individuality. The purpose of this study was to determine the attitude whixh employees wearing Career Apparel uiforms have towards their uniforms. Also, it was planned to investigate whether siginificant relationships between selected personality traits and the degree to which the employees like or dislike their uniforms.

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Clothing and dress

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