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Master of Science (MS)

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Electrical Engineering


Noise pollution is a growing crisis. There is widespread concern regarding this problem and in recent years many programs and provisions have been directed to the noise-abatement. It is the purpose of this thesis to compile some important data from the studies made so far pertaining to noise pollution. This study is aimed at having, a bird's ­ eye view of the problem as a whole. In this thesis, some common terms associated with this problem are explored. This study reviews some of the physical and subjective properties of noise. Since noise is a subjective matter, human response to noise is expounded. There are so many sophisticated noise measuring instruments available today. The question " How to collect useful information regarding a noise problem?" is briefly treated. Theoretically, this study reviews units, equations of sound intensity and sound pressure, equation for harmonic index, the noise instrumentation and physiological aspects of hearing. The investigation mainly encompasses transformer noise. Electrical engineers have to live with transformers. So, it was my major motive to investigate the noise produced by transformers. Causes of transformer noise, modes of vibrations in a transformer and the transformer noise reduction techniques are treated as a separate chapter in my thesis. The final chapter is devoted to the general noise reduction techniques. From previous chapters we can infer, noise can be controlled at the source, in the path and of the receiver. Noise reduction techniques, evolved in the final chapter, are based on the already investigated properties of sound and vibration. Control at the source by planning while the product is in the design stage is often the most effective and least expensive of control measures. More public awareness of noise pollution definitely will check the. future growth of noise in our environment.

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