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Physical Education


Casual observation of newspaper and magazines, and of radio and television shows seems to indicate that a large number of women are interested in improving their appearance and physical fitness. An exercise program which reduces adipose tissue, changes girth measurements, and improves strength supplies such rewards as improved appearance, increased efficiency, weight normalization, and general overall fitness. But what exercise program produces the best results? Numerous programs have been advocated. Jogging has increased in popularity during the past few years and is reported to be an exercise that increases circulo-respiratory endurance, improves muscle tone, and reduces skinfold measurements. Open spaces, running tracks, sidewalks, and streets--all provide adequate space to easily carry on jogging programs. Swimming is an increasing popular method of developing muscular and cardiorespiratory endurance. The number of swimming facilities and lakes cleaned up for swimming have greatly increased and provide ample opportunity for anyone interested in this type of exercise. Isometrics are an exercise program for improving strength in a relatively short time. This program can be carried on without the expense of equipment and can be performed in the home either alone or in a group. Also, a program of isotonic exercises is reported to be an excellent conditioning activity to increase strength and irr1prove physical fitness. However, is any one of the above programs superior to the other? The writer felt that there was a need for additional research investigating selected exercise programs to determine which program would affect the anthropometric measurements of women to the greatest extent. The purpose of this study was to analyze the effects of varying training programs on the girth of selected muscles, on skinfold measurements, and on strength of college women at South Dakota State University.

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