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Natural Resource Management

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Brian Graeb


Biological reference materials play a critical role in studies of species biodiversity, biology, distribution, and historic diversity. Since the publications Fishes of North Dakota (Hankinson, 1929) and Fishes of South Dakota (Bailey and Allum, 1962), no new books have attempted to update the knowledge gained from the past decades of fish surveys and incorporate georeferenced collections at the state level. The last published book with the most complete accounts of fishes from North Dakota and South Dakota is the Distribution of Fishes in North and South Dakota Basins affected by the Garrison Diversion Unit (Owen et al. 1981) which includes point distribution maps, short species descriptions, and a dichotomous key of 105 species. Since these publications, several species have been introduced or discovered in one or both states. This project aims to create a new reference for all species of fish in North Dakota and South Dakota by synthesizing data from both states. The Fishes of the Dakotas book will include detailed point distribution maps, an updated taxonomic key, color plates or illustrations, and complete species accounts for 125 fishes. Species accounts, or literature reviews, in this new biological reference will include etymology, morphology, distribution and habitat, reproduction, food and feeding, and age and growth. This reference will be a valuable tool for students, researchers, biologists, and enthusiasts. This thesis was written in preparation for the forthcoming publication of the Fishes of the Dakotas book, that will include additional chapters on how to identify fishes, a dichotomous key, species color photographs, as well as point distribution maps.

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