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The purposes of the study were, (1) to investigate the reasons why selected male student-athletes left South Dakota to attend a college or university, and (2) to determine the current status of those who have chosen to leave and obtain their education at an out-of-state institution. Furthermore, it was the purpose of this study to develop recommendations for recruiting the outstanding student-athlete in South Dakota. 1. This study was limited to male student-athletes who have graduated from school and have out-rnigrated to attend college, 1945-1972, inclusively. 2. This study was limited to those student-athletes whose addresses could be obtained. 3. This study was limited to those student-athletes who responded to the questionnaire. Out-migrant. A student-athlete who has left South Dakota to attend a college or university. A student whose matriculation was solicited by a member of the athletic staff or other representative of athletic interests with a view toward the student's ultimate participation in the varsity intercollegiate athletic program. A student is not deemed a "student-athlete" solely because of his prior participation in high school athletics. The student-athletes in this study were recommended to the writer by athletic directors and coaches in South Dakota and were described as ones who possess the ability to participate in intercollegiate athletics. Hopefully, the respondents will fulfill the NCAA definition of a recruited student-athlete. Athletic recruitment. The soliciting of a qualified high school student by a member or members of the athletic staff or by a representative of an institution for the purpose of competing in athletics at that institution. Hopefully, the approach is made from the point of view of education and athletics, not merely athletics. The search of the literature failed to reveal specific studies related to the out-migration of outstanding athletes from a state or states. Studies related to the out-migration of young people were reviewed to aid in methodology in organizing this study, in finding the areas of interest on which to gather data, and in procedures of interpreting the data collected. Also included is a section on athletic recruitment, which is highly emphasized by the athletic profession when attempting to keep a native son in the college and/or universities of a given state.

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