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On August 3, 1968, Congress enacted Public Law 9 0 -453, which authorized construction of the initial stage of the Oahe Unit. The proposed Oahe Unit is a multipurpose water resources project which is to be located primarily in the Jams River basin of east-central South Dakota. The overall objective of this investigation, then, was to define the seasonal variations of water quality and streamflow for the James River in its natural and relatively undeveloped state. In order to accomplish the overall objective of this investigation, several specific objectives were established. Those specific objectives were: 1. to determine the completeness of the existing water quality data so that recommendations concerning future sampling can be made; 2. to determine the seasonal variations of streamflow and water quality with special emphasis on the· seasonal variations of water· temperature, conductivity, and total dissolved solids content; 3. to determine the seasonal relationships for pairs of parameters such as air temperature and stream temperature, dissolved solids and conductivity, or flow and conductivity. Three stations located on the northern, central, and southern segments of the James River in South Dakota were selected for this investigation to provide a measure of the streamflow and water quality variations occurring over a majority of the stream's length. Streamflow, water quality, and climatological data for each of the three stations were collected from several sources and were brought together for interpretation with respect to the objectives of this investigation.

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