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For many years Canby, a small city located on the Canby Creek which is a tributary of the Lac Qui Parle River, has been subject to annual spring flooding. This flooding has caused millions of dollars of damage to the 145 residential and commercial properties located in the flood plain of the Canby Creek that runs the city. Most of these properties no longer are located in the flood plain area. Approximately 24 years ago the City of Canby initiated the Canby Creek Watershed Project to alleviate the flooding problems of the Canby Creek. The city, with the assistance from the Soil Conservation Service, determined that the best way to control the flooding problems of the Canby Creek was to construct two small and one large water retention structures upstream from Canby. The financing of such a project was received from the Bureau of Interior under Public Law 566 in 1977. With all plans completed and financing arranged, construction began in the spring of 1979 and is expected to be completed in the winter of 1981. The implementation of this project will not only stop flooding from occurring but will greatly reduce the flood plain area adjacent to the Canby Creek in Canby. This reduction of flood hazard are required the city to make land use decision on the utilization of this former flood hazard area. Another land use decision the city must make relates to the elimination of incompatible land uses to allow residential, commercial and/or industrial development. Two examples of this situation are the existing commercial uses located in the middle of a residential neighborhood in north Canby, and residential uses located in the central business district. These land use decisions exemplify the city’s need to prepare a land use plan. Conversely, the purpose of this document will be to prepare a land use plan that addresses any and all land use decision areas that exist or may surface during the preparation of this document.

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