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Master of Arts (MA)

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Wayne E. Hoogestraat


Presently, Brookings, South Dakota, has two radio stations: KESD-FM, a public broadcasting station, and KBRK AM-KGKG FM, a commercial station. This study is concerned with KBRK-KGKG and its development in the historic milieu of radio broadcasting. While many studies have been done on historical radio, both on the Master’s and PH.D levels, in other areas of the United States, only one has been completed on a South Dakota station. That study chronicled, KDSU, the campus radio station at the University of South Dakota radio stations, this current historical study represents an attempt to fill in a portion of this information gap. Also, it was felt to be of importance that the origin and development of KBRK-KGKG be recorded while first-hand information sources were still available. The purpose of this study is to provide a history of the origin and development of radio station KBRK AM-KGKG FM, Brookings, South Dakota, from its beginning on July 28, 1955, to July 31, 1980. More specifically, answers to the following questions were sought: 1. What were the origins and first year developments concerning the station: A. Initial Plans? B. Finance? C. Operations Personnel? D. Organizational Structure? E. Programming? F. Facilities? G. Advertising? H. Coverage Area? 2. What were the subsequent station developments in regard to: A. Operations Personnel? B. Organizational Structure? C. Coverage Area? D. Facilities? E. Programming? F. Advertising? G. Finance? H. Future Plans. The structure of the study is chronological, including the origin of the station KBRK-KGKG, early operations, and subsequent development of the station.

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KBRK/KGKG (Radio station : Brookings)
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